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Residential Pre-Design Questionnaire

Are you thinking about building or renovating a home? Are you looking for an architect to walk with you on your journey to build your custom dream home? Please complete the following form to start a conversation with BBA Architects. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please choose which of the following best describes your proposed project:

If remodel or addition, do you have existing plans of the house?

Is this your primary residence?

Where is your property located, and how much acreage do you have?

What is your anticipated home size and style? If you’ve reviewed our website projects or social media posts, are there particular projects that are similar to what you envision for your project?

What is your anticipated construction budget, excluding land costs, loan costs, and architect’s fees?

What is your projected timeline to begin construction?

Have you already contacted a contractor for the work?

Have you ever worked with an architect?

How did you find out about our firm? Website, online search, Houzz search, or a friend?

Do you have a budget in mind for architectural services?

Would you be interested in a virtual reality experience of walking through your home while it’s still in the design phase?

Who will be the primary contact on your end?

What is the best way to reach you, and what time of day do you prefer to be contacted?

Thank you for your inquiry. We will carefully review your comments. We believe a successful project involves having a good “fit” between the architect and owner. We will contact you soon to either discuss by phone or set up an in-person appointment.